A New location


This year was an eventful one for Sunrise Gardens! It was so eventful that I did not get out the email newsletters. So, here’s an update everyone with what we've been up to this year.

Spring was a little slow to start with the cold wet weather. Adam and the crew finished up the landscaping in front of our home/office, and we celebrated the end of mud and messes after 5 years of major landscaping projects. We now have examples to show customers around the house of what we can do, and fun and functional spaces.

In July, we purchased a property to house our growing company. The 27 acre property is a mile and a half down the road from our home/office, and is an abandoned nursery. It came with trees and shrubs that we can harvest, a small building, and plenty of room for landscaping operations.

Adam spent time getting the building and yard cleaned up and useable. We will be in full operation there Spring ‘18, and look forward to the new space and efficiencies that come with it.

Rachel will be utilizing her Horticulture and Wholesale Nursery experience to help manage the plant production for our landscaping projects.