Fireplace or Fire Pit?


These fire elements are very popular and enjoyable, but homeowners often struggle with the decision of which one to choose for their landscape. Both have pros and cons, and the right one for you is usually a matter of space and cost.


A fireplace can make a statement in your landscape, and is a major focal point in the design. It can create a outdoor room and provide a visual barrier. While they can be quite large. they actually take up less useable space because they are located on the edges of the patio. They are typically more expensive than fire pits, but they also come in a wide variety of options and sizes.

Fire Pit:

These are usually less expensive, with many options that are affordable for everyone. They can be almost any size, and can be round, square, or rectangular. You can create a bigger fire in a fire pit. A fire pit can have more people sitting around it than a fireplace, but this means it also takes up more space in the landscape. We usually suggest that the fire pit be part of a smaller patio or separate area of the lawn from the main patio. Most yards don't have enough room for a fire pit and table and chairs in the main patio area.

Both fireplaces and fire pits can be wood burning or with natural gas inserts. Both can be used to roast marshmallows or cook campfire cuisine! Both are warm and inviting gathering places for friends and loved ones to enjoy.

We have yet to meet someone that regrets putting in their fireplace or fire pit. Adding a fire element to your landscape creates an enjoyable outdoor space and extends your outdoor season!