I see on your website, that you are an ICPI Certified Installer. What does that mean?


ICPI stands for the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, a North American Trade Association. Interlocking Concrete Pavers are the man-made segmental concrete units that are used in most hardscapes. ICPI members include paver manufacturers, designers, contractors and suppliers of related products...

Licensing and Certification are not required to be a landscape installer. It seems like anyone with a pickup truck and a wheelbarrow can call themselves a landscape installer, but it takes education and experience to build hardscapes correctly. I have taken the extra step of becoming certified to show my commitment to hardscape installation best practices. I believe that this certificate sets me apart from other contractors and acknowledges my skill and experience from years of installing hardscapes the right way.

To become certified, I was required to go through training courses, pass an exam, and document my installation experience. I am also required to continue my education in order to renew certification every 2 years.

There is a push in the Landscape Industry for companies and/or individuals to become certified in different areas of expertise This can help homeowners to tell professional contractors from the guy with a wheelbarrow. It does take time and effort to become certified, and there are good companies that choose not to become certified. For consumers, it is simply another tool to be used in the decision making process of selecting a landscape contractor, along with reviews, testimonials, and references.

There are a total of 44 ICPI Certified Installers in the whole state of Wisconsin. For comparison, there are 250 listed Landscape Contractors in Southeast Wisconsin alone.