The ROI on Landscaping


How do you justify spending thousands of dollars on landscaping? Will it really increase your “curb appeal” and by how much?

Multiple studies across the US have found that the increase in perceived home value from no landscaping to excellent landscaping is 10- 12%. Perceived value may not make much of a difference in an appraisal, but it definitely affects the sale price.

So, those relatively large landscaping expenses do significantly increase your home's perceived value and will result in a higher selling price. This is especially important in subdivisions where houses are similar in appearance. In a competitive market, curb appeal can make the difference. In studies, factors that affected perceived value most are design sophistication and plant size. Highest Valued Designs- foundation plantings with adjoining beds, large island plantings, large deciduous and evergreen trees and flowering plants, curved lines, and colored hardscapes. One multi-state study found that very minimal landscaping (a simple design with small plants) actually detracted from the landscape value! As a bonus, the value of your landscape (if well maintained) increases over time as plants grow and mature. How many other expensive home improvements can say the same? The Effect of Landscape Plants on Perceived Home Value Department of Horticulture, Virginia Tech