What is the best kind of mulch to use?


Everyone has an opinion on the kind of mulch they prefer, dyed or natural, chipped or shredded, pine or hardwood. Our favorite is the one we recommend and the only one we stock at our holding yard: Double Shredded Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch We have this mulch delivered by the semi load from a reputable mulch producer in Central Wisconsin.

It is made from ground oak bark that is cured for up to a year, and then shredded again with a specialty bark grinder for a lovely fine consistency. It has a very nice appearance, great coverage, reduces weed growth, retains ground moisture, and adds valuable soil nutrients. After wetting, the shredded bark knits together to create a breathable mat that resists washing away (in most applications). This mulch is relatively inexpensive, nice looking, all natural, and a great soil amendment for planting beds. It does breaks down quicker than some other mulches (lasts about 1-2 years on average), but we believe the benefits more than make up for this. When was the last time you had your beds mulched? If it has been more than 2 years, give us a call and we can schedule a mulching, any time of the year is good. We can also deliver a pile if you prefer to get some exercise and mulch yourself!