Edible Landscaping


Vegetable gardening has been on the rise as well as edible landscaping. Especially for those with limited space, incorporating fruits and veggies into the landscape can have nutritional and visual rewards. Edible plants can be used in attractive beds and containers or mixed in with ornamental plants. This approach allows you to have your edible plants close to the house, making it easier for maintenance, harvesting, and enjoyment.

There are many cultivars in hybrid and heirloom vegetables that are attractive as well as tasty. Bush and pole beans come in purple, yellow, and striped pod varieties. Peas can also be found with purple and lime green pods. Tomatoes come in almost any color or size, and you can grow colorful peppers of all different sizes and shapes. There are dwarf or mini varieties of almost everything to make the most of limited space. Edible flowers and herbs can be attractive and useful. Different colors and textures of lettuces and kale can provide accents and contrast.