Fall Containers Extend Your Gardening Season


As the days get cooler and fall is in the air, start swapping out the summer annuals in your pots with fall colors and frost tolerant plants. Common container plants such as coleus and sweet potato vine will be wilted at the first frost. If you're wondering if a plant will work well in a fall container, check the growing zone. If it's labeled Zone 2-3, it should do well into the fall.

Mum's are the go-to plant for fall color, but there are many of other options for plants that will look good into the fall, including

Potted perennials and small evergreens (many of which are on sale this time of year)

Frost tolerant annuals with colorful or interesting foliage

Edible and vegetables - herbs, lettuce, chard, or kale

Gourds or small pumpkins can dress up a pot

Just remember, plants won't be growing much with the cool temps, so plant your fall pots full. Keep watering if it doesn't rain, but you won’t need to water as often as you did during the heat of the summer. Think once or twice a week instead of every day or two!