Planting Bulbs in Fall


Spring-flowering bulbs are a welcome sight in early Spring after the bleak winter landscape.

Bulb Planting Tips:

• Mix early and late blooming varieties for a longer blooming season.

• Plant shorter varieties in front and keep varieties fairly similar in height for a balanced look. Tall types don’t do well in windy spots

• Don't skimp on quantity - Bulbs look great in mass plantings of single types, or in a combination of many varieties. Plant in groups of 15 or more.

• Tulips are beautiful, but they are also a favorite food of rodents.

• Provide protection from digging critters or mix them with daffodils which are toxic to rodents.

• Plant sooner rather than later. The more time they have to grow roots before the ground freezes, the better your chances for a beautiful spring display. October is a great time to get your bulbs in the ground.